United Property Expo is the largest professional exhibition of international real estate. More than 200 property developers, real estate agencies, banks, design agencies and furniture manufacturers will take part in the exhibition. More than 10,000 prospective purchasers will visit the exhibition. It was established that the visitors of the exhibition increase their intention to purchase real estate by 34% Over 3 days of live communication with property developers, bank representatives and other professionals, potential purchasers can make a purchase decision.
No form of advertising can increase the interest in purchasing as much as live communication! By participating in the exhibition, you will get a huge pool of interested target audience, who are ready to purchase right now.

Reasons to participate in the exhibition:


Presentation of the brand to a new audience

By participating in the exhibition, you will be able toform or maintain the goodwill of a successful,stable and reliable company, position the companyas a market leader and have a positive impact onthe target audience.


Promotion on the purchase funnel

The process of making a decision beforepurchasing the property unit can take years. Theexhibition stimulates demand and reducescustomer decision-making to a few days.


Taking the purchaser’s issues off

Many real estate purchasers have already madethe choice of some property unit. In order to makea final decision, they compare it with competitors atthe exhibition. By participating in the exhibition,you can retain your potential purchasers, as wellas convince those who have decided to purchaseanother object.

Conclusion – United Property Expo exhibition will allow you to increase sales, present new projects to purchasers, get a lot of contacts and feedback from consumers of real estate and related products. It will also provide you with the following: